Typhoon Haiyan: one Ummoagian affected at least a little

Satellite images show that night lights have completely blacked out in Tacloban. Lights in the city of Ormoc are also completely out. The lighting of Iloilo City, Cebu City, and Bacolod seems a little more normal.

The last detail, of lights still on in Bacolod City, is heart-warming, even though the devastation everywhere else isn't: one Ummoagian lives in Bacolod City.

The fact that Bacolod City Mayor Monico Punetevella is currently appealing to the private sector, civic groups and individuals who want to help with their donations, is also a good sign in the midst of otherwise heart-breaking scenes.

Please do not ignore this tragedy, and help as much as you can.

Families in the Philippines need your help, and if you can spare even ten dollars, you can still provide high energy biscuits to many families through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), and help avoid starvation and debilitating illness at least. You can donate with Visa or Mastercard, and even with PayPal (or Bill Me Later).

HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]