UMMOA One-Time Institutional Donations

UMMOA One-Time Institutional Donations are for generous people who do not, or cannot provide significant labour or services during the year to UMMOA institutions, but would like to contribute with a one-time donation to one or more institutions.

UMMOA One-Time Institutional Donations support particular United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA®) institutions, and their activities.

You can now support the UMMOA and the following UMMOA institutions:

UMMOA Donation (Supports the UMMOA Nation and Institutions)

Cesidian Root Donation (Supports the Cesidian Root's global root server system and Internet freedom)

Intermicronational World Donation (Supports Intermicronational World and unbiased investigative journalism)

Saint René Descartes University Donation (Supports Saint René Descartes University and unpoliticised academic and scientific freedom)

Cesidian Church Donation (Supports Cesidian Church and prosecuted Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere)

Ryamecah Confederation Donation (Supports the Ryamecah Confederation and other indigenous bands or tribes)

Societalist Donation (Supports website development and maintenance)

Global Earth Oceans Donation (Supports Global Earth Oceans; the development of alternative economic systems; and innovative, holistic, economically efficient and sustainable solutions to the problem of homelessness)